Sunday, November 11, 2012

 The crew at Blue Springs are always great to work with and were very helpful in getting Brisa squared away on arrival!!

These go back to when Brisa first arrived at Blue Springs Marina. I just discovered them on my computer....this hauler was out of Jacksonville, Florida and did a good job getting her here without any problems.
It was nice to get out and do some sailing on Watts Bar Lake in TN.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hot water tank....while winterizing...needs to be replaced!!

Sad but at least won't worry this winter when the temperature drops to freezing for a couple of days. First time I have had to winterize a boat. When up North in MA never had an engine.....just built a good covering to protect from snow and When in Florida no need and when we were living aboard here in TN ran the heat etc. Will have plenty of projects to keep us busy until Spring....replacing some hoses....fittings.....older ones replaced with bronze etc. etc. list goes on.....
Elizabeth. Daniel and I got out a couple more times and had nice weather and light to moderate winds.....just right for us to continue to get more and more comfortable with Brisa. Elizabeth really has the worst of it....trying to get used to the boat and helping out while at the same time constantly keeping an I....and then some on Daniel. In the mean time Daniel at 3.5 loves it and continues to explore and take it all in. He will go back to swim lessons next more time in the lake.....once Elizabeth knows he can swim I'm sure it will help her relax a little more on board.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

We have taken Brisa out now ....this past weekend we had 15-20 knot winds all day and she handled them without any problems with full main and jib. Will try and get some pictures up soon. Everytime we are on board we learn something about Brisa......the word is the IP is a little tough to back can now be confirmed.....tried to check it out coming out of slip with a 8-9 knot breeze against us and it was like she had a mind of her own.......made it okay but really need to get more time getting a feel for it.

Spending time changing filters/oil etc. so I have a base time table I am confident in for all maintanance .......making progress on all this. Replacing grill on stern rail so we have a little more room back there.....the grill that came with her is fine just takes up to much room. Will try and sell on Gregs list....

Thursday, August 9, 2012

It has been awhile ..... been very busy with the TO DO LIST as you might imagine. Things have been going along well.......spending each weekend chipping away at ......sanding...took all the exterior wood down and applied anchor rode.....replaced cockpit table and drink holder...etc....checking and familiarizing myself with all systems...instruments etc. Getting ready to apply new name....Brisa...... Hope to get some pics up over next couple of weeks.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The boat is ours!!! As of Friday May 18th, 2012. The work we had done prior to the closing was well done at the St. Mary's Boat Services.....Mabel takes pride in her work for she added some support to the hull on the starboard side that isn't normally there. Maybe not needed but adds to peace of mind which is saying something where we have so much anyway with an Island Packet.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The survey process continues.....everything  going well with survey ....need to double check a couple of things with folk's ....come to agreement of resolution and hopefully resolve everything in next day or two so she can be transported come next week to Blue Springs Marina on Watts Bar Lake ...which is part of the TN River in Ten Mile, TN.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Made an offer......and it was excepted!!!!!

We didn't think we would actually get our new boat for another year but after narrowing our seach to Island Packet....first 31........then 27's... one that I really liked last year came back on the market......long story short we headed over to Jekyell Island, Ga to see her and it was worth the trip.....If all goes well with the survey next week.....we take the next steps to bring her to TN.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Testing our new blog!!

Just starting to organize our new blog....looking forward to setting up for real....which will mean our next adventure is getting closer to reality.

The research and search for our next boat has begun to heat up.....finally......

This could be the one......

This could be the one......
Daniel and I on board IP27 in Jekyll Island