Sunday, November 17, 2013

I love our boat but even though she is in great shape for a 1990 Island Packet there is much to do to get her ready for heading down the river and out to the Gulf of Mexico for some good cruising.....especially with family aboard. I know it took lots of hours both mine and others....oh get our Soveral 37 Ketch in great shape when we sailed up to TN from south shouldn't be a big surprise. Even with my long To Do List there will be things we won't get to until Florida and others that come up along the way.
Decisive underway Charlotte Harbor, FL

Leaving Port Charlotte and heading for Pelican Bay.
Brisa having her bottom done. The bottom looked good so we did a good sanding before we put two coats of Interlux Zinc. This will hopefully last for 3-4 years..especially considering we won't hit salt water for another 12 months.

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This could be the one......

This could be the one......
Daniel and I on board IP27 in Jekyll Island