Wednesday, July 30, 2014

We are back in Kingston, TN. We have one more month before we move aboard Brisa!! So much to do!! We have a house list...boat list....moving on-board list. Things to sell list...there are more believe me. It's exciting....anxiety provoking ...all kinds of emotions.......It will be an adjustment for awhile I am sure......we will have our ups and downs as we transition to life aboard....but I am sure looking forward to it!! We will keep you posted as we go along......

Our location and Mapshare may be down until we are closer to heading down river. Till next time!!
Here are some other photos of our trip to New England. We would love to make it up to New least to Gloucester, MA ....someday aboard Brisa.

 My Dad and I haven't played catch in many years!!

 Wells Beach, Maine
View from Pam and Mike's cottage in Maine

Hanging out in Gloucester, MA
The whole crew in N.H.
We had a great trip up North. Just not near enough time. We think we found a great new home for our dog Bella....this was #1 for this trip.....we just could not see her having a good time Cruising and living aboard. We also thought about what it would mean having her aboard ... dinghy rides twice a day regardless of weather etc. etc. As difficult as this was for all of us having my sister Pam helping find Bella a new family made all the difference. She and her husband are Veterinarian's in N.H. with their own practice and they have many wonderful animal lovers that come to them for the care of their cats and dogs.

Along the way I was able to use the inReach and begin to get comfortable using it. We made it to N.H. ....Maine....and Massachusetts. Here are a few pictures of the trip!!

 Milford, PA
 Manchester, N.H.
Pam and Daniel in N.H.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

It is time for a road trip!! We are going North to New Hampshire and Maine to visit family and friends. We plan to share photos and our location along the way. We will use the inReach satellite communicator so we can be sure we know how to use it properly before we really need it while cruising on Brisa. We will send messages and our location as we stay tuned.

Our inReach and new Tablet are synchronized with each other and are a great help while travelling.

The work to do list is getting a little shorter.....two things get done and another is added. We unexpectedly had to add changing another thru-hull fitting, mercerater pump and a number of hoses and a y-valve that is used with the sanitation system plumbing. We really did need the two years to get her ready for our trip south. I am sure the list will continue for as long as we have Brisa.

This could be the one......

This could be the one......
Daniel and I on board IP27 in Jekyll Island